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Tried & Tested : Bourjois Eclat Mineral Pressed Powder

By Secret lovechild · December 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


This powder claims to have mineral quartz to boost radiance, purified mineral pigments for luminous shades and is ultra fine mattifying mineral powder.

I thought this powder was interesting because the inside looks like a Mac Msf

It has a slightly raised bump.

It says on the back

" A blend of minerals for an even, matt and radiant complexion. Mineral quartz to boost radiance, purified mineral pigments for luminous shades, ultra-fine mattifying powder "

I cant recall the price, it must have been something like $30-$38.

Anyways, I bought this powder because it promised to not look powdery when setting makeup. In every aspect, it won me over the Mac Msf Natural except for the scent.

It has a SUUUPER strong floral scent that can be quite off-putting. Once you open it, you can smell it from a distance away.

It looks very peachy but actually is quite translucent. It is extremely fine, finer than Mac Msf Natural, sometimes I feel the Msf has a gritty feeling to it.

With this powder, no matter how much you put on, you will never look cakey, maybe because the powder is extremely fine and it is a mineral powder so it blends into the skin so well when you buff it in.

And among all my powders, this powder sets my makeup faster than any powder. Alot of powders I have take quite some time to set my makeup, and my face normally still feels tacky but not this powder and staying power is far superior than others.

I'm quite surprised that not many people have given much credit to this powder because it seems like a hidden gem!

All in all, a great great powder for setting makeup and coverage for such a fine powder is low-medium. I know some people want powders with high coverage but keep in mind, if a powder offers high coverage, it often looks mask-like on the face and can feel heavy and cakey.

Till next time!


The Palettes craze

By Secret lovechild · December 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I believe every girl owns at least 1 palette, whether or not it is an eyeshadow palette, blush palette, concealor palette.

The palettes boasts every colour imaginable, offer value for money because you get SO MUCH VARIETY. Having been one of the palette fans myself, this is what I have to say honestly about buying palettes, its okay if you dont agree, to each his own :)

I can't speak for the cream concealer palette because I havent bought it and used it for myself.


1) Eyeshadow palettes

They have the original 88, shimmer 88, 120 etc etc

picture credit : urtaba.com

If I were a makeup artist, this would probably be very useful for me but if makeup is just something to enhance my own beauty, would you REALLY be using this palette's worth its money?

I would probably use 1 row and that's it!

I appreciate that sometimes we want to have a bit more colour but really, how often can it be?

For wild nights out? For special events? From what I've experienced, there hasnt been a single event I've been to that I would wear purple-pink-neon blue eyeshadow.

Even for night events, I would usually opt for a polished look.

Quality wise, I only liked the ones that gave shimmer, those matte one were plain powdery.

So very often we're intrigued by their pigmentation, but we hardly give a thought to how we're really going to use them. As for staying power, they last as well as my cheapest powder.


2) Blush and contour palettes

picture credit : dolledforyou.blogspot.com

I bought the blush and contour palette as well as the 10 piece blush palette and another 3 piece contour and blush palette.

When they came, I went crazy swatching, ooh-ing and aah-ing at how pigmented this is yadah yadah.

But reality set in and this is what I've concluded

* I never really used them because to me, the palettes were bulky and difficult to handle, I like holding small blush containers better.

* I can't tote it around in my bag for touch-up! Would you tote it around? I would have to tote another blush colour which is weird, I'm gonna look like a chameleon!

* Pigmentation is GREAT, Quality is SUCKY. Why?

It is a finely-milled powder yes but it stays on top the skin like a film, blush is supposed to look natural but no matter HOW MUCH I BLEND IT, it will look like a powdery patch. I have never had this problem with Loreal or Maybelline blushes, the powders have this transparency thing to them, which blends in with your colour but leaving the colour nicely set in. Even silkygirl blushes dont look like that!

Plus I remembered on 1 occasion, it was probably a too-hot day and I was sweating. When I went to the restroom, I was shocked to see that not only my patch of blush became cakey, there was a streak of it missing, probably by sweat but seriously, it looked HORRIBLE.

I'd say the blush palettes are good if say you're doing a makeup for a photoshoot where the colours are to be for photographic purposes, NOT FOR going out or everyday school/work wear, NO WAY.

*The highlight colours are MATTE POWDERS. Seriously, I think its for photography ONLY. It is either I look like I have nothing on or I suddenly have white patches on my cheekbones which look powdery and like I have a disease. Or maybe I dont know how to use them, but seriously for everyday use, please use a shimmery highlight and if you have oily skin, use sparingly but NEVER go for a matte highlight unless probably photography in a studio.

*Staying power is really no staying power on its own. The eyeshadow ones are fine but the blush palette staying power really SUCKED.

*The 10 piece blush palette, I CAN ONLY USE 2 COLOURS AT MOST! The rest look way off and I remember there was a BRIGHT PURPLISH PINK. Seriously, its like preparing us for halloween. Gahh

So, have we been sucked into a craze which we can do without? By we, I mean non-makeup artists who wear makeup to school or work to enhance our natural beauty and the makeup is solely for ourselves. I honestly think so.

I didnt regret buying the 88 warm palette because they are neutral eyeshadows and I do use it well at least more than the blush palettes but the blush palettes, I honestly regret buying them. If I didnt buy them, with the money I can save, I could have bought myself a UDPP.

It seems like no one has said anything bad about the palettes. Hmmm. I wonder if people feel the same I do.


Very affordable everyday makeup!

By Secret lovechild · December 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

When it comes to everyday makeup, or just school makeup, I feel that I dont use my Mac stuff or my smashbox or any other high-end stuff just because its school! And I just want to look fresh plus I love sleep, so by the time I get ready for school, I only have about 10 minutes before I rush out the house like a hurricane.

Enough said! Pictures time!

To start off, FOUNDATION!

Even though I'm a big fan of liquid, when I'm rushing, powder is the way to go!

1) Foundation.

From left to right : Silkygirl Pure Fresh Pressed Powder, Silkygirl Pure Fresh 2-way foundation.

Both are in shade 02 and honestly, this isnt the best of powders, the staying powder is not that good either but will do!

Plus it doesnt make my nose itch, the loreal true match pressed powder makes my nose ITCH A HELL LOT!


2) Blush

Leezi Pink Blush

Its not THAT pink, its more of a pink with slight peach warm tone so I dont feel like its garish but the photo seems so pink to me! Lightly dust this on with a small powder brush/ blush brush.

This is $6.90 if I'm not wrong, from Ta Zhiang.

Obviously, if you want The Balm blush quality, this isnt the blush to go for but comparing this to blush palettes I bought which were a craze a while back, honestly speaking, I threw away the blush palette and only scraped out the orangey ones because it was JUST TOO POWDERY.

Okay, enough smashing of the palettes, this blush is extremely fine and soft powder unlike the palettes and the colour is buildable.


3) Eyebrows

Well, not filling in my eyebrows just make me look like a retired witch or something, so I must fill in my eyebrows.

Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

This pencil surprised me, it came FREE with a mascara and I thought oh well, its going to be just a crappy eyebrow pencil, just use it la if not wasted.

OMGEE, this pencil has SERIOUS staying powder. I put it on at 10 plus in the morning, reach home at 9pm at night, IT IS STILL THERE!

My Holy Grail pencil. I mean, thats all we really ask in a brow pencil don't we? Cheap and doesn't budge. Dont substitute this for your eyeliner pencil or you will have serious scratches. Its really hard and waxy which is why it probably stayed on so well.


4) Lipstick

I'm not a lipgloss person at all because I dont really like the gloopy lip feeling.

Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 24 Pure

Now, I always thought Silkygirl had BAD lipsticks because the colours always look waaaay off from the name but when I saw this during the BOGO sale at Guardian, it looks so harmless and nice! Its like my lip colour but with more colour and it covers the slight discolouration, you know the 2 tone thing?

I know I can just put a little foundation on my lips just to even it out but I seriously dont wanna eat foundation. I mean if its meant for lips, a little ingestion won't die right? Thats just my theory anyway.

Usually I'm done here but just for my mascara-eyeshadow lovin friends here's what I occasionally put on, or for weekends when I'm reaaaally lazy which is 99% of the time.


5) Eyeshadow

From left to right : Silkygirl E/s in Mocha Latte, Elf bronzer in Warm tan

I have raved about the Elf bronzer being a fantastic eyeshadow and now my second favourite. This eyeshadow duo is my favouritest if that is a word duo ever!

The slight dark pink shimmery one is great for highlighting and a quick wash on the eyelids, the darker one is great for just giving a slight contour on youeyebone? whatever it is called. OH! CREASE!!!! That's the word! And you can add a little more of the dark brown to kinda create a subtle smoky eye or a smouldering look which I dont really do. Why do you go to school with a smouldering eye look? Weird.



6) Mascara

Top : Silkygirl Double Intense, Bottom : Maybelline Super Film Magnum Volum Express

Can I say that these 2 are my FOREVER BUYS? The silkygirl one is good for its price. Plus you can use the other side to coat your bottom lashes which is BONUS!

The Maybelline one has gotta be my best mascara ever. I've used Dior Show and I prefer this to the Dior one. HANDS DOWN, MY BEST EVERRRR.

I've never been in love with mascara until the Maybelline one came along. Hands up to those who love it too!

PS: In case you're wondering, I dont line my eyes because I've got sensitive waterlines. They tear easily. Tear as in really tear not crying type of tear, I've had bad tears that caused me to bleed from the waterline before so I steeer clear of lining my waterlines.

Alrighty, thats it!

Till next time!


My Go-to eyeshadow

By Secret lovechild · December 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I'm all about saving time and using just one eyeshadow on my lids because I dont have much lid space anyway. So after using palettes like 88 warm palette, 10 piece eyeshadow palettes I bought from Chinatown, silkygirl duos which I LOVE, check out Mocha Latte (will do a review soon) I finally decided on this eyeshadow.

Well, its actually.. ELF's healthy glow bronzer in Warm Tan.

Credits : productrater.blogspot.com

I took this photo because I felt that it showed the wonderful foiled effect!

I used to use this as a bronzer but felt that it was too shimmery and too dark as a highlight so I accidentally discovered that it was a FANTASTIC eyeshadow!

I just use a flat shader brush or a fluffy brush and do a windswiper motion on my eyelids, put eyeliner and mascara and thats it!

It adds a 3-dimensional effect to the lids and where your crease is, where its gets a little darker, shows a natural contour.

Omgee, love love love this bronzer as an eyeshadow. So if you've got any bronzer that is too shimmery for your liking, try it as an eyeshadow, maybe it will become your everyday go-to eyeshadow too!


Yours truly

How I store my makeup, not all of them though!

By Secret lovechild · November 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I like to have some makeup on my table while the rest would be in my cupboard. So while I was browsing NTUC Fairprice in Ang Mo Kio Hub, I came across this grey TOYOGO storage box.

I didnt want just a push-pull drawer because I wanted it for be more organised so I was looking for more of a stationary cupboard where there is a number of compartments!

This grey TOYOGO box costs around SGD9 plus?? less than 10 bucks and here is the final result :)



Please ignore everything beside the grey box, doesnt it look like it can store ALOT of makeup?

Actually, behind the white cap in the middle is an empty space that stores 2 of Sephora Round Sun Disks and Skinfood Aloe BB cream.

Pretty nifty storage! It really saved a lot of space and I'm able to put my brushes and moisturisers on top!

It looks unsightly and messy but hey, I have separate compartments for powder, liquid foundation, cream blush, powder blush, highlighters, bronzers, mascara, eyeliners, lip pencils, you name it, anything has its own space, oh and sponges too!

I dont think I'll ever replace this very versatile storage box!

Whats yours?




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