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Juicy Review : Maybelline Minerals BB cream + Skinfood Aloe BB cream

By Secret lovechild · February 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Courtesy of my cousin.

Hi again guys, sorry for the spam of posts but I'm only available this week, next week I won't be updating as much because I'm having my mock exams coming up in 2 weeks.

On to the review!

I think crazyformac did the review too but i'm just adding my 2 cents worth :)

I bought this because I thought it was a great combination : Minerals (Good for skin) + BB cream (Good for skin)

Win-win combination right?

1) It only has one shade to suit all and sadly, it is far too light for my skintone. When I put it on, you can see a clay-greyish mask even though I blended it really well. (fyi: I'm no longer an Early Tan, warm golden now)

2) Consistency is easy to blend and liquidy and has good coverage. You can use it with a sponge, brush or your fingers. I believe one of the biggest plus point is the fact that it is one of the easiest to blend among BB creams.

3) It's rather gentle, I dont break out from it.


The size of the BB cream makes it easy to carry around, easy to slip into your vanity kit. However, the colour is too far off my skintone so I dont think I will be using it very much :(

The one on the left is Skinfood Aloe BB cream in shade 02.

The one on the right is Maybelline's BB cream.

And when you blend them in a little, you can really see the stark difference.

Top most: Skinfood

Bottom: Maybelline

See how white it is? Upon blending even more, the Maybelline BB cream will eventually be a white cast. Even though the darkest shade of the Skinfood aloe isn't an exact match of my skin, at least it is much, much closer than Maybelline's.

Since I'm on the topic of BB creams, let's go on to Skinfood.

This is actually a candid shot!

On to the review!

1) It has a to-die-for smell. The smell is soooooooooo refreshing. It's like aloe vera and cucumber blended together that it gives off this scent that makes you zen.

2) It has a slightly thicker consistency but relatively easy to blend

3) I can't say much about improving skin because I haven't actually been that religious in using it. Well the label says its nutrition for the skin so it can't be something reaaaaaally bad.

4) I have not experienced breakouts from this product and I have hypersensitive skin so that's a major plus!

5) It's much cheaper in Malaysia than in Sg, I dont know why? Exchange rate maybe? I bought it for RM39.90 if I'm not wrong. Therefore, if you happen to be in Johor, get it and try it for yourself! It's much more value for money that way!

Overall, BB creams to me is like makeup but probably less pore-clogging. Its like a tinted moisturiser with added benefit, added coverage. But it doesnt make me forget my liquid foundation. And it's not really a staple for me. I can do without it honestly, for me that is.

It really depends on how you want to use it because like many other makeup products, you can use it in different ways.

Like, you can use it just as a concealor, to cover up mild scars, redness, veins maybe?

Or you replace it as your daily moisturiser before you step out of the house, on days when you dont want to have a full face of makeup.

I would say though, that it is not a necessity,but something that is nice to have. It's not like a powder, where you absolutely need it to set your makeup, however maybe using it religiously, you might notice that your skin has benefited from it?

Edit: I've found a way to use my Maybelline up! As I'm not as tan now, I have foundations that are too dark for my skin, so I mix the Maybelline with my too-dark foundation and VOILA! Works like charm!, plus it gives my face the iridescent glow (:






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im going to sound silly, but what is BB cream used for babe?

posted by

@ Tiarabangs, it's not silly lah!

BB actually stands for Blemish Balm. It is a cream where it is said to have coverage as well as a foundation and an added ability to regenerate the skin, whichever ingredient has been added.

initially, BB cream is a moisturiser for patients who underwent laser surgery or any form of drastic skin surgery, to help their skin heal faster but now it is sold worldwide as a cosmetic product as a foundation or a base to give you the flawless look, so it kind of works as a concealor and foundation and moisturiser, a muiti-functional product.

And it provides good nutrients to the skin as compared to traditional makeup which is said to be bad for skin over a period of time.

Hope this is helpful!

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ooh wow...thi is soooo helpful cheryl!!
thnx soo mucb\h,,
so if using this no need to use concealer isit??

orr use this 1st then founddation routine??

posted by

ooh yah!!btw ur bro lools ssooo cute..can become the next BB male model for men!heheh..

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@HAHA thanks Dollyqueenz!, i think if your scars are fairly light, no need to use concealor first (: But if you feel more comfortable, then use your concealor after you've put on the BB cream.

Just think of the BB cream like a liquid foundation (: After you put BB cream, no need for further liquid foundation anymore, just powder to set it and you can continue using blush/bronzer (:

I hired him to pose with some of the products I'm reviewing HAHAH, paid him 10cents per photo!

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Your cousin is adorable. He made me smile. Hahhaa. I find the Maybelline BB cream too small, so I passed up buying it. Haha

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@booyouu, thank you ((: Yup, you did the right thing, it's okay to pass it on, you didnt miss out on anything.

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ooh ok..((=
ooh wow..great nw ive gt a better understanding of bb cream nw((=
GREAT..thnx alot dear!!

hahaha..ur last few lines really makes me laugh!!

'I hired him to pose with some of the products I'm reviewing HAHAH, paid him 10cents per photo!'

thats soooo CUTE!!

will be the next top model yeah!!((=

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your cousin is super cute! i loved the skin food bb cream but it was too heavy for my acne-prone skin!

posted by

@ debx, thank you!! I so know the heavy feeling but dont worry, you won't miss out much on anything (:

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@ dollyqueenz, no problems dear, glad I could help!!

YEAH He demanded for 50cents like rigggght after the shoot! I was like "You are so demanding, I'm going to cut down to 10cents for 5 pictures!! He totally shot me the 'unfair' look"

HAHA, no la, shhh dont let him hear you say he top model LATER HE WILL BE SUPER STUCK UP!

posted by Anonymous

Thanks for sharing it. Actually i was looking for this Maybelline BB cream but could not find in any store. If you dun mind,can u reply me at the email add stated?Hope to hear frm you soon. thanks

posted by

Hi Anonymous, erm I think you didnt leave your email add behind! :( so I cant reply you at your email add!

posted by onyak

he's cute!

nice review btw (:

posted by Sugary Caramelo

nice blog...:D
i have a sensitive skin too.. so, it's mineral product ok for sensitive skin???

posted by maybeuser

..hi there! i think i wont have probs regarding the shade of maybelline bb cream coz I have pale skin,but do you think it's ok to use maybelline bb cream and then maybelline mineral foundation (no.1 Buff) as finishing powder?any thoughts on this?thanks! :)

posted by


@Sugary Caramelo, yup it is! But do a patch test beforehand just in case :)

@maybeuser sorry I'm so damn late but I'm not a big fan of the maybelline mineral powder foundation. It just doesnt last on my skin!

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